About Kui Parks

Clean, Friendly, WELL PRESENTED and Value for Money

Welcome to Kui Parks! We're dedicated to providing what our customers value most in a caravan park: cleanliness, friendliness, well-maintained facilities, and value for money. These priorities are the foundation of our community.

Our commitment to cleanliness and quality is based on member feedback. Park owners work diligently to maintain high standards for an enjoyable stay.

Friendliness is key at Kui Parks. Our hosts ensure warm, welcoming service, making your stay memorable.

We prioritise value for money by offering competitive rates and discounts, ensuring quality stays on a budget.

Beyond our core values, each park offers unique amenities and experiences. Join us for exceptional caravan park stays and explore our diverse network.

Our Vision

At Kui Parks, we're dedicated to being the top choice for quality service in Australia's caravan parks. Our owner-operated parks ensure a personal touch, offering cost-effective, clean, and friendly stays.

With an impressive 96% satisfaction score among our members, our commitment to excellence is evident. Our owner-operated approach creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making guests feel valued and part of our Kui Parks family.

At Kui Parks, guests enjoy affordable rates, cleanliness, and personalized care. We invite you to experience the difference on your next adventure.


As Kui Parks continues to experience significant growth, we are committed to keeping you informed and engaged with all the exciting developments. We understand the importance of transparency and timely communication, which is why we provide various channels to stay updated.

Our website serves as a central hub for information, where you can find the latest news, updates, and details about our expanding network of caravan parks. You'll discover new additions to the Kui Parks family, allowing you to explore fresh and exciting options while on the road. Regularly check our website to stay connected and informed.

In addition to our website, we actively engage with our community through social media platforms. By following us on platforms like Facebook and Instagram you can receive real-time updates, engaging content, and be part of the vibrant Kui Parks community. We encourage you to connect with us on social media and join the conversation.

To ensure you never miss out on important updates and exclusive offers, members receive regular newsletters. You'll receive curated information directly to your inbox, including park updates, special promotions, and valuable insights for your caravanning journey.

Join the Kui Parks community today and enjoy the journey with us. Experience the convenience of new options, discover hidden gems, and make the most of your caravanning adventures. We look forward to sharing our growth and progress with you every step of the way.


Why should you have a Kui Parks membership?

Join Kui Parks and access a network of affordable caravan parks tailored to your needs. Our goal is to connect travelers with well-maintained, friendly, and value-driven parks, ensuring enjoyable experiences without overspending.

For just $40, secure a 2-year membership and explore hidden gems across Australia. Whether online or at member parks, obtaining membership is simple.

Discover quality experiences and a supportive community with Kui Parks. Don't wait—embark on budget-friendly adventures today! JOIN NOW